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Rest In Peace Elliott Smith.
Vegan Artist Photographer Aquarius I like crystals ॐ ☮ ☯


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I picked it myself human.

Every year several newly-born piglets are brought to us which have been found on main roads where there isn’t a pig farm nearby. Sows often give birth on the way to the slaughterhouse and the piglets fall from the slats on the lorries onto the highway. One slaughterhouse worker told us how sows often arrive at the abattoir having given birth on their final journey and the piglets are left floundering around on the lorry until somebody ‘dispatches them’. The farming industry will try to deny that this happens.Hillside Animal Sanctuary

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Sorcerer loves to cuddle. He will walk right into your arms for a hug.
Source: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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Vegan means: i don’t eat, exploit or wear other beings!